Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Two Days in Fall

This has been a disappointing Fall in terms of color so far. However, yesterday and today were glorious blue sky days and the tree color is finally here. So let's take a look.
 Oops it got away! Yes, and Fall almost did get away without any good color.
 The hand is from a sculpture installation, The Awakening, at National Harbor in Maryland.By John Seward Johnson II it is a giant awakening from a long sleep. We started at National Harbor but did not actually get to see what we went for. Fearing getting trapped in the afternoon traffic we left...
 and decided to stop in for a sunny day look at Great Falls. The water level has dropped from when we were last there (September 19 and 30) when the Potomac was in flood stage.
With the Falls to our backs the river carries on and disperses into Mather Gorge. As well as being a lower water level the water color had changed. No more angry brown water.
 Then today, for Halloween we headed up to the village. My first reward was this tree which is one of my favorites - it grows right in front of the Jinny Beyer Studio and has just a few days when it is a glorious sight. Today was one of those days when it is almost too good to be true.
 Our village decorates for the Halloween holiday and welcomes the children for trick and treating. First comes the Halloween dog parade which was what we had come to see but while we were waiting for it to get underway we got to see the businesses setting out their decorations.
Soon the parade was ready to begin. This adorable glass of chocolate milk wanted to lead the parade...despite not having a dog.
These two won the prize for the most excited.
 Dogs of all sizes are there ranging from this tiny fireman
 to this one with the Guardians of the Galaxy
 to a hotdog
 and to this one which was a lobster fisherman complete with his large lobster catch.
To close out another view of my favorite tree. That could be me throwing my hands up in joy at seeing this glory of the season.

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