Thursday, June 30, 2016

Newfoundland Day 8

The day began with the Brigadoon like appearance of Bell Island popping out from the fog...
but it soon became clear that on this day my topic would be food; good food, sourced locally and expertly cooked at home with a delicious result.
The MOTH (man of the house) was delegated the task of procuring the freshly caught lobster and he came home with these four.
We went eyeball to eyeball here...
but the end result was always going to be the same; a swim in the boiling water.
Bring it back to the boil then put the lid on and watch the pot.
And voila! we have cooked lobster.
The task continues as the meat is harvested...
and delivered to the table. There now, doesn't that look delicious!
Don't overfill the plate because it is always satisfying to be able to have seconds. While all the action with the lobsters was going on outside on the driveway which I was busy photographing, DF (dear friend) was quietly busy inside making her traditional family recipe potato salad which went down a treat with the lobster.
However the real reason not to fill up too much on the lobster ?- a delicious homemade rhubarb custard pie. Alas, no action shots of the making here either.
But I can show you that the rhubarb was fresh picked from the garden.
Oh my, it was good pie!
For my closeout photo I give you another shot of the lupins in the garden. They grow as wildflowers but you can surely see why local gardeners are quite happy to welcome these volunteers.

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