Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Newfoundland Day 7

Today the weather has been gloriously sunny and warm. We took a ride to a couple of garden centers in the late morning then decided to stay home for the balance of the day so the new plants could be planted.

 So on this bright sunny day I invite you to take a seat and enjoy a stroll through the garden.

 Even the humble dandelion  can make a pleasant image; of course adding a butterfly helps.

 Right now is prime time for the rhododendrons. Isn't this lemon colored one lovely.

 More dandelions? They are huge here. But this also serves to show the forget-me-nots that have finally decided they are in a comfortable spot in the garden.

 There are many rhododendrons scattered through the garden for the bees and the people to enjoy.

 The site of the pretty garden.

 The lupins grow wild all over but they still look lovely in the garden with a background of rhododendrons.

 A beautiful darker purple specimen.

 Take a minute and smell the flowers.

Cranesbill geraniums are scattered throughout the landscape.

 This delightful wildflower is growing on the floor of the woods. Called crackerberry you may notice that it looks similar to the dogwood and indeed it is in the same corpus canadensis family.

Finally, it is also lilac time and I keep trying to take a good photo of the lilacs (particularly because my own plants this year were not very good at giving me blooms). The wind keeps blowing them out of focus. In a compromise move I decided to line it up so you could see another house in the street. They are all built to capture a good view of Conception Bay.

Now you should feel all relaxed after a trip around the garden and taking time to smell the flowers without getting caught in the wind.

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  1. .... and here I never even heard of yellow rhododendrons!


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