Monday, June 27, 2016

Newfoundland Day 6

Yes, I know it seems as though I have been awol. Interesting things continue to present themselves as potential blog posts but somehow they never make it on screen. But right now I am on day 6 of a vacation in Newfoundland, Canada and I really cannot let this potential slip by.

Maybe later I can backtrack and show you days 1 through 5 but for now let's start with day 6. I am staying with a dear friend in St Phillips NL but yesterday we drove out to Whiteway and went to Alice's Tea Party (but that's a whole other story) and then stayed overnight.
Last night we watched the sun slowly slip away, coloring the sky behind the Shag Rocks in Trinity Bay looking out from  the village of Whiteway.

This morning we set out to explore the peninsula between Trinity Bay and Conception Bay.

In the morning light the rocks looked a little different.

The fishermen were already busy. I watched as this fellow motored from lobster pot to pot, pulling them aboard to check his catch. The gulls were as interested as I was.

We had stayed overnight in the Blueberry Cottage, part of the four cottages named Oceans Delight in Whiteway.
Driving on we came to the village of Hearts Content. I was really quite taken by the flowers growing wild everywhere. These seemed to be cornflowers and I noticed them in several places.

More wildflowers. Lupins and yarrow in the foreground of a view of the lighthouse at Hearts Content.

The fishing village at New Perlican.

Our destination was Grates Cove which is located at the very tip of the peninsula. An old village clinging to the side of a very rocky exposed location.

Grates Cove from a higher elevation.

You can see that the landscape has a lot of rock. In years past villages used the rocks to wall off individual garden plots or, as here, one of the several cemeteries in the village.

Once we finished our exploration of Grates Cove we needed to turn around and head home. But I spied an iceberg so we took another brief stop to see this view. The weather changes often - a light fog was rolling in here.

So there you see it, day 6 of my visit to Newfoundland. Perhaps by tomorrow my words and photos will go where I want them to rather than all over the page as above!

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  1. The landscapes are a little like those of Maine - what I mean is, in the same ways Maine's coast is different from the Mid-Atlantic coast. Sounds like your dear friend wanted to make sure you saw the sights -- your photos make it clear you appreciate the scenery.


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