Friday, May 10, 2013

Scene in my garden yesterday

I keep meaning to post more photos from my spring garden but somehow the posting fairy never quite makes it here. Alas, those lovely photos of the later cherry blossoms and more will stay unpublished.

 The season has made a later start this year as compared to last. But here you can see that the lilac bush is fit to burst into bloom any day now. The dogwood tree is at the closeout of bloom and there is a natural confetti covering the grass in this area.
 Last year at the plant sale our small town garden club hosts each spring I purchased five lily of the valley plants that were labelled as being pink which is not the average color (white). So I have been waiting to see what they looked like. Only three have a bloom but I imagine they will take a year or two to get settled in.

The birds have been very active. This particular house has a very energetic chickadee spending days and days creating a nest. Yesterday there was so much nesting material that it was hanging outside when I took this photo but I noticed later it had all be taken and tucked inside.

The bridal veil spirea is in full bloom and living up to its name. In the foreground are a new peony in full bud and my white daisies that are in bud throughout the garden.

 The mint is in very vigorous growth and will have to be dealt with. Of course the rosemary bush on the opposite side of the walk also needs a lot of cutting back. The hummingbird feeder has been hanging there since the first week of April but I have yet to see any birds.

 On the driveway I have quite a holding area of plants in pots waiting to go into the garden. There are two different clematis and they really need planting out as this one is in bloom already.

That purple clematis is earmarked to go on this new trellis that is leaning against the front wall. But first I need to try painting that nasty white pipe to see if I can get it to disappear from obvious sight. Those liriope nearest to the walkway are from the original landscaping and I am not sure if they are going to stay in that position or not. Last weekend I bought five new bushes to fill in the space between  the two hollies at each end and they also need getting into the ground. But I'm playing dominoes here right now as before I can do any of these jobs another must be done first.

So to get the game underway I will go on out now and head to the paint shop.

Hopefully the weather will allow some painting and planting to be done this Mothers Day weekend.

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