Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bluebell Time

Towards the end of last week was reckoned to be the peak of the native bluebell season around here so we made a quick drive to take in the sights along the riverside.

 The blue is such a pretty sight in the woods where the trees are not quite leafing out yet.
There are masses and masses of these and I guess I was feeling on "overload" as to what to photograph next as I did not really take too many shots at all.
I was on the lookout for other good looking photo potentials and with the blue sky and somewhat still day I kept  trying to find something that looked good in the late afternoon sun. In this instance I liked how those white looking tree trunks show up on the far side of the river.
 This tree right by the river obviously loses a good deal of top soil every time the river is in flood stage. And yet it keeps on standing upright.
Back in my own garden I have been rewarded this season by a number of blooms on my own bluebells. These were planted in 2011 and quickly went into hibernation that season. Last year there were only two flower stalks total among the eight plants.  This year however all of the plants have flowers on them and this is the one with the most blooms. They are still nothing like the size that they are down by the river but perhaps it is a case of giving them time to settle in. And this year the spring bloom season is quite a lot later than last year with lots of cool weather (and snow even) in March.

Maybe another river walk is called for before the season is totally over.

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  1. If you continue your gardening success, I suspect your personal bluebell patch will rival anyone's in a couple of years. That really is a beautiful color!


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