Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Why we shouldn't underestimate nature

How long is the time between winter and summer? If I start the day wearing corduroy pants at what time is it reasonable to change into shorts? Whoa, this sounds like sensationalism but really it is a true reflection of what has been happening here lately.

 I may have shown you this view (above) that was the scene on my front yard on March 25 - yes, just sixteen days ago.
 And this morning, the same view. Wow.
Overnight spring arrived. Last evening as I drove down the driveway at 6.45pm I thought "darn it, I meant to take a photo of the cherry trees this afternoon" but I had not. Tuesday morning I had carefully examined both of the trees and there was not a single flower to be had but by early evening a few buds at the very top of one tree had opened up.
 When I raised the blinds this morning it was like wow, instant springtime! The two cherry trees out front were covered in fully open blossoms.
 Volunteer pansy and viola plants are happily blooming in the most unexpected places.
 Can you believe this one? Not even 1" high - I left my mug there for scale. What is keeping it alive? This afternoon I found another similar one just in front of the black iron upright post in the background.
 Out back the rhubarb plant is rapidly growing and the periwinkle is showing it's color.  The bird baths all had to get filled up and the birds started using them right away.
 One happy chore that announces the season is open is the annual first hanging of the hummingbird feeder. I have yet to see a hummer in April when, reportedly, the first sightings are made. But, in happy anticipation, I still try to hang the feeder out in the first week of April.

The spring season is easily two weeks behind what it was last year. Daffodils, cherry blossoms, periwinkle and more are behind schedule. But then there was all that snow in March.
Another less fun chore of spring is the cleaning of the electronic air filter. That is a time consuming one since they each first have to be soaked in the cleaning solution for 30 minutes, carefully hosed off and wiped down and then set out to dry for at least two hours. Once I get done with this post I need to bring them in off the front porch and re-install them so I can turn the air conditioning back on so we can sleep tonight.

Yes, it's whoa to go. The reason for the wearing of the shorts today was that the temperature got to the mid to high 80's  with more of the same promised for tomorrow.

I'll leave you with this last image of the daffodils and periwinkle taken this morning after the lawn got the second cut of the season.

Right now, at 8.36pm the outside temperature is 83 F (28 C) and I must post this and then go and re-install the air filters.

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  1. What a fun post! Our trees are blooming, but it's not looking so green here yet. Your yard is already beautiful!


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