Thursday, September 8, 2011

Enough already Hughie!

I have been trying to gather pretty garden or critter photos for a posting for several days. But today I abandoned that idea as we have been inundated by rain. Reports of the rainfall today vary from 4" to 6" or more within my local three mile surroundings and the rain is expected to continue through the night. While some readers may think this is not unusual this is very dramatic for this area.

The rain turns the front walk into a swiftly flowing creek.

While out back there is a veritable waterfall over the edge of the garden planter box where my only remaining viable tomato plants are.

If you click on this photo what appears to be walkways is actually flooding water.

This is a shot that I usually take with snow piled up on the railing. But not today! The clay colored rain in the road gutters is coming from the house construction site further up the road.

And my title? When we lived in Australia I heard the saying "send 'er down Hughie" which is a good thing to say as it is usually heard when rain finally arrives in an area that has had no rain for months or maybe years.

In the past few weeks we have had a hail storm that all but destroyed my tomato plants in pots on the deck. Then came the earthquake. Followed by Hurricane Irene. And now today's deluge which I think is courtesy of Hurricane Lee.

So enough already Hughie!

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  1. It's a good thing you explained the "Hughie" reference - I came home and Norris said he thought at first you were simply confused about which storm had hit you. Quite the pretty waterfall you have there coming over the bricks behind the pergola in the one shot! I didn't remember you mentioning the water feature behind the bed directly behind the bed we see from your kitchen table either. Hope Geoff finally was able to navigate his way home for dinner without any May Day calls!


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