Monday, September 26, 2011

Change of Scenery

It has been a few weeks since I posted and although I kept thinking "oh, I could write about..." somehow I did not actually get around to doing anything about it.

But last week I went on a four day trip to Deal Island on the Chesapeake Bay and I thought you might like to see some photos from that trip.

The purpose of the trip was strictly a quilting retreat and with the way the weather was (raining and stormy) for most of the time it was just as well.

We stayed at Pieceful Cottage close to the very end of the island.

There was a lot of rain but when I went upstairs late in the afternoon on Friday to my delight I saw a beautiful complete rainbow out the bedroom window. I alerted everyone else to come see and then it occurred to me I could be taking a photo. In the time it took to go back downstairs and find my camera the best of the rainbow was gone - one of my friends took a photo that showed the complete arc but I was only in time to get this section. The difference in coloration between inside the rainbow and the outside of the rainbow was a reminder of the wonders of nature.

I was fascinated by the tree frogs that clustered all day long on the front of the cottage either side of the front door. Our guess was that they were there to feast on the many bugs that are attracted to the area when the lights are on at night. The frogs continued to sit there all day and I was checking on them frequently.

On Friday night someone looked out the window at dusk and saw a deer. I grabbed my camera and went to the front door but opening the door scared the deer off. But certainly this sunset was a much more thrilling sight to see.

The small harbor is a working harbor. Fishermen go out from here to catch crabs and likely other fish as well but with the piles of crabbing baskets we saw we know that is what they catch in certain seasons.

Deal Island holds an annual Skipjack race on Labor Day. Skipjacks are a traditional working boat from the Chesapeake Bay and here is an example on the left of the photo. But the vessel in the right foreground is a more common sight.

These boats had not gone out on Saturday morning.

And here we see one lone sailor setting off out through the breakwater in his small dinghy.

We kept hoping to find some beach, but this, folks, is it. So in conclusion, you do not go to Deal Island for the beach.


  1. Even without the beach, there are a few photos that might inspire a certain Beach-Themed quilt. The rainbow at sunset is really unusual though - I think I only ever see them in the daylight afternoon hours. The little frogs look like small carved stones placed on the lantern. I suppose you could tell they were live at night when they start their ruckus though.

  2. Great Chesapeake pictures! The frogs are so tiny! It looks like a very relaxed setting.


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