Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tree tops in winter

Although winter is not the prettiest season in the garden if you look around, and up, with a keen eye there are some interesting sights to see.

Earlier this week after a stretch of several dreary days we had a blue sky day. Looking out my window I was struck by the contrast of the winter hue of this cedar tree with the background sky color.

Unhappily, right next to the cedar tree there is this view of a wretched plastic bag trapped in the maple tree. I hope it is not too many more days before the wind will carry this away.

In our small town there is currently a campaign going on to name the bird that best represents our town. Artists are being asked to create and exhibit artworks of their choice of bird and the photographers are all snapping away trying to capture a prizewinning photograph. There is a red bellied woodpecker who is fond of this tree in my garden so when I saw it this morning I made a dash for the camera to see if I could take a photo to enter in the exhibit. As you can see, I was not able to zoom in close enough to get a clear photo of the bird but I did like the winter images of bark and raindrops all the same.

Maybe I'll remember in May to tell you which bird won the election.

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  1. Your last photo is beautiful because of the light. I had a 70-300mm zoom to capture my red-bellied woodpecker a couple of weeks back. I'm guessing you don't have a DSLR - you might have to upgrade if you keep your eyes open and notice more moments like this.


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