Thursday, February 3, 2011

Does a recipe live up to its name?

Last week, when the weather forecasters were correct and we were having a snow event we decided that it was a good night for "comfort food" for dinner.

The ground meat to make meatloaf was taken out of the freezer to thaw and meat loaf was made.

But we all wondered if perhaps that ground meat had been in the freezer too long as the meatloaf was drier than usual. Nevertheless, we did enjoy cleaning our plates.

It wasn't quite as dry as it looks as I poured on the gravy after taking the photo. We cleaned up the dishes and later on cut into the pie Geoff had made for dessert.

This was a new recipe, sent us by AK, and its name is Disaster Pie. H'mm.

The recipe is one that requires you to put aside all notions of how a pie is meant to be made. Despite well buttering the cooking dish first it was a struggle to get a neat serving out of the dish.

Later, when I was rereading the recipe I saw at least one suggestion that we had overlooked and that was not to use fruit that was too juicy. We used frozen peaches and frozen raspberries and the latter just turned immediately liquid when cooked. But that does not really explain why we had to chisel the slices out of the dish.

Perhaps the pie was simply living up to its name.

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  1. Disaster Pie seems appropriate for the day in which so many weather events were going on at once. Perhaps you were meant to have to dig your way through the pie, like the rest of the country was trying to dig their way through the snow?


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