Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's not Indian Summer

but surely there is a term for when the weather gets unseasonably warm in mid February and everyone gets a serious case of Spring Fever.

This past week that is what we have had. The temperatures were creeping up higher each day and by Friday got to a high of 77 degrees F (which is 30 degrees higher than the average for that date).

Along with the warmer temperatures there has been a lot of wind so I was outside picking up sticks; that is broken branches and the like. My stick pile is getting quite big by now:

While occupied with that task I needed to be careful where I was walking as the first few daffodil shoots could be seen bravely poking through:

The forsythia branches are showing buds:

And I took the time to clean out the bluebird house:

It would be grand if this year a bluebird did find the box and use it! Each year some bird has a try at taking up tenancy in this real estate but in all the years it has not been a bluebird and it has not been a nesting spot that has been a success all the way through to there being baby birds. Maybe this will be the season!

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