Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wild flowers on a spring walk

This morning Casey and I took a quick stroll along the side of the Potomac River in Riverbend Park. Our reason was to look for the display of Virginia bluebells that I had heard were at their peak. And we were not disappointed. What a stunning display of the beauty of nature.

The wildflowers are growing in profusion along the rivers edge.

Both sides of the trail have the flowers. The morning was brilliantly sunny - perhaps a little too bright to capture the exquisite blue color of the flowers.
We saw more than bluebells. But if I wait to identify these other ones I'll never get this posting done.
It wasn't until I got home and looked at my photos on the computer that I noticed the redbud tree in full bloom in the background of the photo above. And those are the beautiful bluebells in the foreground.
We needed to keep a careful eye out so we did not inadvertently stand on such little treasures as these violets.
And these flowers are really dainty. There are not so many of them but they did have the bonus of being right by the parking lot and were easy to find.

I wish we had had the entire morning to spend enjoying this display.

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