Friday, April 2, 2010

An all together better S word

This post is to say Happy Easter. The winter weather has finally left and I wanted to share some of my spring photos with you. And firstly, the zero calorie Easter Bunny!

The forsythia does not look as overflowing as many I see around here but it was the first spring bloom in my garden this year. And this clump of daffodils were the first bulbs to bloom.
A spring shot in my front garden. The lawn had it's first cut of the season yesterday and with the blue sky the landscape is looking satisfyingly spectacular.
Compare these two photos of the same location. Below, was how things looked on February 11. Those are very feisty pansies; planted back in October they survived the winter burial of snow.

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  1. The colvinkiwi garden made it through the winter beautifully - but would you say the same for the resident gardener/snow removers?


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