Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Brunswick MD, Cars and Characters

A couple of weekends back we headed out to Brunswick MD to see their Heritage Museum which has a wonderful model train layout. However, our visit was totally hijacked by the main street event that day - a collaboration between the Brunswick Volunteer Ambulance and Rescue Auxiliary fundraiser and the Golden Gears (Frederick MD) Car Show.

As someone who appreciates color, art and the full-on involvement in enjoying your hobby this event hit all the buttons. So forgive me for the overload of photos and the shortage of descriptions...
 Consider the love in this paint job.
 And the joy in keeping the paintwork spotless.
 The detail work under the hood.
 The enthusiasm for color.
 The full-blown pursuit of steam punk...
 And the vehicle owner chatting to a visitor about his pride and joy.
 Having fun with his 1960 Ford F-100.
 Club member supporting the auxiliary fundraiser lunch.
 Fire engine red.
Contrast in styles - hood up or... no hood!
 The hot rod folk were also well represented.
 Not all the sights were parked up in the street show. On returning to where we had parked our car we found these two bikes nearby. Same auto body detailer perhaps?
 More under the hood fun.
 And more characters.
And to close out - she had nothing to do with the car show but she and her macaw fit nicely under the "character" heading. The boy in the background was entranced with this bird and was able to have it sit on his arm for a while.

I'll be back in a day or so with the balance of commentary on this day out.


  1. I love that the macaw owner's shirt matches her bird. The green truck could be in our local parade with the one here that pulls the veterans' float. I'll have to show Norris the fire engine. He keeps objecting to that caution sign with the open fire engine - there it is!

  2. vehicles are great, cant say I'm a fan of the woman's shirt with the macaw


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