Sunday, August 11, 2019

Brunswick MD, Cars and Character part 2

Try as I might I cannot shorten the list of images I wanted to share from our day trip to Brunswick a couple of weekends back. Those cars were just so enticing to me and my camera so humor me and see part 2. This time it is character without an "s" because I also want to showcase a little of the character of this old railroad town.
 You'll recall that the Golden Gears Car Club from Frederick MD was showing their vehicles at a street festival in Brunswick on July 27. The vehicles were parked on the narrow main street of the old town Brunswick. These were potentially the first ones to arrive. I spoke briefly with the older gentleman who has owned this red and cream Chevrolet since about 2000. He proudly told me he drives it quite an amount and that includes a trip all the way to Florida and return.
 Mirror like paintwork on this black beauty but can you imagine riding in something like this with the small windows?
 Under the hood of Black Beauty. Feel free to leave me a comment if you can identify any of these.
These few were later arrivals as I watched while the lime green one was reversing into the space. But wow, look at all that color together.
 Okay, I admit it, my favorite was this 1928 Ford A "Rat Rod" being carefully reviewed here by a judge.The entire event was judged by both selected judges and members of the public who could be seen wandering round dutifully marking their scorecards.
 The front end of the Rat Rod. Such attention to detail.
 Looking at all my photos my other favorite was red cars as they seemed to predominate. Here we have another with tiny windows.
 Same judge, different car.
 Oh yeah, another big red Chevvie.
Now this one was absolutely the baby among the bunch but it still attracted curious onlookers. Can you see why? It is a driverless Tesla! Yes, AppleMac , there in the drivers position seemed to be the only reason it was moving slowly up and down a short six feet or so of the street.

 After walking away from the car event we wandered down the hill and over the tracks towards the Potomac River. Brunswick had a huge railroad yard in past years. While it is no longer the size it was it is still a big area. Both CSX and MARC use the tracks here but I'm not sure which use this particular stretch as nothing passed along it in the hours we were there.
 CSX on the other hand had several long trains pass by on the other set of double tracks.
 The small station building has some character.
This older brick building has had some great cosmetic updates to the outside. Click on the image to see it bigger and you might notice that the middle window at ground level and the bicycles leaning against the building are trompe l'oeil.
In closing out this is a view in the opposite direction of the street in my opening shot. After the car show finished at 3pm the street emptied out really fast.

Did you enjoy seeing Brunswick through the lens of my camera? I hope so as we enjoyed our day visit there.

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