Saturday, August 9, 2014

Day Six of my Excellent Italian Adventure

The trip is whizzing right along.
Day six began with another lovely sunrise.
Right after sunrise is when I am usually sitting here working on my blog.
 For the morning excursion we went into the small hill town of Neive which, like most around here, has a long history and now is known as one of the most beautiful hill towns. This is the entrance to the gardens and, in front, the war memorial.
 This spectacular example of a vine covered building is attached to one of the many churches in the town. Can you imagine how this wall looks in the autumn when that vine turns color? There is a cafe here but, at this height of the summer season they are closed for a weeks vacation. Go figure.
 This is something that intrigued me and I saw several other examples; the signboard in the plaza outside the main church has posters announcing upcoming funeral Masses.
 Neive has a very picturesque town hall. Notice the flower bedecked ornamental bridge between buildings on the left.
 Like all the towns we have been in the church is at the heart; this one is St Peter and Paul. The artists had set up for the morning under the trees on the left.  Mornings were when they got their most painting done but with the movement of the sun what starts out as a good shady spot becomes a hot sunny location by the time they stop for lunch around 1pm.
 We all noticed the unusual balcony treatments on this house.
 There were several arched entrances to the town and this one had a welcoming window box of flowers. After several days and several towns I have begun to wonder if they decide on a consistent color for the annual flowers that fill the window boxes and pots because they all go together in a most harmonious way.
 Ta dah! They were using one of my favorite colors at the restaurant we had lunch at. We did have wine but I wanted to show you the coca cola can and the water bottles today.
Lunch was in the town of Barbaresco at this restaurant on the right, Prima & Pio Tornavento. Afterwards we took a quick stroll up the main street. This town had chosen a pretty pink pallette for their summer flowers.

The mornings are a pleasant temperature but the afternoon heat builds up and I can understand why many of the shops in the small towns close from 12.30pm to 4.30pm for a long siesta time. Day 6 got hot and I was very happy to get back to the vineyard and take a cooling dip in the swimming pool. Dinner was around 8.30pm on the front terrace and later we went back into the village of Treiso where we had been invited to display the art that had been created during the week. There was a talk on astronomy (in Italian of course so we did not sit in on that) after which a large telescope was set up and set to view firstly Saturn ( the rings were visible) and then the moon.

Thus ended day six. Our last full day here is beginning but with a very early departure on Sunday morning I'm not sure when the day seven blog will happen.

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  1. I'm just getting into the rhythm of your days and was enjoying your photos and story - then I get to the bottom and see it's going to end?? Isn't it too soon???


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