Friday, August 8, 2014

Day Five in the morning of my Excellent Italian Adventure

Oh my goodness, it is a good thing I have woken up early so I have time to sort through the 128 photos from yesterday. We went to the hilltop town of La Morra and explored the old part of town set within the fortress wall.

 The colors, fabric and texture of the town were almost delicious. La Morra is not a large town - I easily walked it taking photos in the morning - but it is somewhat dominated by three churches although clearly only one remains in use. The bell tower in the background is from the Saint Sebastian church which was built in 1700 - 1708.
 Here is the church in present day use, the baroque parish church of Saint Martin. The building was begun in 1684 but as you might imagine took many years to complete.
 As usual, the glory is on the inside and above we see the view of the choir located above the entrance doors.
 View towards the altar.
 This was what I deemed to be the prettiest building in the old town. I believe it to be the priests residence as it seems to be part of the church building. In the lower of the two photos above you can see that it is right on the edge of the city atop the fortified wall.
 A number of buildings in the old town had areas like this where it appears they want to show you what the earlier construction was like.
 The streets are very narrow and there is practically no place to park. This entrance door showed nameplates for doctors offices (in this case, Obstetrician and Gynecologist) and I really wondered how the patient gets to the doctor office.
 This fellow and I seemed to be following the same route - we progressed at the same rate despite the fact that he had a car. But he was the mailman (not in any apparent uniform) and he stopped at almost every house. Sometimes the mail went in the letterbox and sometimes it just seemed to be left on the windowsill. I thought it looked like it would have been much easier for him to walk this route!
Cats are very popular pets in this part of Italy. Clearly a cat lover lives here because not only was there this pair on the side gate posts but a larger pair preened on the front gate posts.

There will be more in a following post about the afternoon activities.

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