Thursday, March 7, 2013

One last winter storm

The news media went into overdrive a few days ago predicting that we were finally to have a real snowstorm. An avalanche of forecasts for a heavy, wet snow with anywhere from 2" to 10" or maybe even more was what we were told to expect. Now since we have barely seen snow this winter people got all geared up for it and prepared for what to do on a snow day. Schools were declared closed, government offices closed, businesses urged people to work from home and local authorities asked you not to travel unless absolutely necessary so the snow plows could keep the roads clear.

This is the scene at the back door when I got downstairs for the morning on Wednesday. H'mm, not much snow there, maybe more is to come?
This is what we had at the heaviest - but since temperatures had been warm in the preceding days the snow never did stick on the road.
 Out back the daffodil leaves are poking above the snow by several inches.
And this maple tree in the foreground is covered in buds.
And by this morning, this is all that remained. The neighborhood children have waited all winter long to play in the snow and could not resist this chance to at least try to build a snowman.

This coming weekend we change over to daylight savings time so this was the last chance for old man winter.

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