Monday, March 18, 2013

Looking for Spring in all the Wrong Places

As you may know I like to use this blog to record events as they happen in my garden. Then I can look back and check when spring arrived in years past.

Anticipating my absence from this past Friday to Sunday I realized I would not be able to photograph the first daffodil and plum tree blooms of this spring. On Thursday the blooms were almost out...

 But when I went outside this morning (Monday) this is what greeted me.
 Today my landscape guys were scheduled to come by and do the spring pruning including some trimming up of the holly trees here (below) to open things up a little. The laurel bushes in front of the house (above) are going to be taken out - although they are good bushes they are too constrained by the space they are in and require constant pruning as well as spraying for fungus problems caused by their tight quarters.

Will the cooler temperatures have frozen the balance of the daffodil buds I wonder?

 A "to do" list item for the boys on the weekend was to install and/or clean out the bird houses ready for the spring market. This newly erected desirable residence can boast snow on the roof - alas, I'm not sure that is going to come very high on the "must have" list of the birdies out shopping for a new home.
Pruning and early spring cleanup has been rescheduled for Wednesday. If I concentrate really hard maybe I can persuade the weather gods to relent and let us have good sunny days ahead to enjoy all the pleasures of seeing the garden awake for the season.

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  1. What a surprise to see the dot of bright orange in your wintry photos!


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