Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wordless Wednesday this isn't!

Some blogs I have visited in the past participate in Wordless Wednesday when the idea is to post a photo that needs no words of explanation. But this isn't Wednesday, it's Tuesday. So how about I institute "Ticked off Tuesday" when the notion is to show something that has me really ticked off!

This is the sight that greeted me this morning when I opened the garage door to take the dog out.
There have been more deer than usual around this season and I have seen them browsing in my side garden during daylight hours which is unusual. But this! This means they are on the driveway right next to the house. I leave the outside lights on at night for security purposes and not for the equivalent of dinner by candlelight for the deer.

When I first saw the destruction I thought I would just pick up the plants and poke them back in and smooth down the soil. But now that a few hours have elapsed and I am more ticked off I don't think that is what I'll do after all.

I'll have to ponder my next move.

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  1. Short of connecting up an electronic fence around your plants, or a 12 foot one to keep the deer out of the yard, I don't know what your solution might be. We moved to a less-dense deer environment and enjoy relative peace with our white-tail neighbors. For me, it's a rare sight and a treat when they show up - like an older buck did yesterday on the slope on the driveway side of the house, not too long after I photographed the quilt there. Norris was sorry I didn't get a photo - no the camera was too far away and he was moving away. If he had been standing still, I would not have been able to see him, so perfectly did he blend with the leaves and trees.


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