Friday, November 11, 2011

Changing time(s)

I am maybe trying too hard to find a common denominator in photos and cobble together a posting. But I'll give it a try.

The Halloween basket above is a sign of the changing times that mean we had only two rings of the doorbell on Halloween bringing us a total of six "trick or treat" visitors. A few years back I decided to add decorated pencils to my treat basket to accommodate the children who might not want all that candy. My sons scoffed at me, but you know what?, the children take the pencils. This year all six of my visitors took a pencil and a piece of candy. The leftover pencils I can save for next year but the leftover candy? I was just pleased I had not bought the Costco size bag.

This was a pretty, misty scene as I was opening the blinds on the morning of November 7. We have had so much rain and wind that the fall colors have not been as spectacular this year as in past years.

With the end of daylight savings last weekend came the realization that the evening walk with the black dog might not be as safe as it is in the summertime. While browsing in the L.L Bean store we came across this mini lantern that we thought we'd try hanging from the dog's collar. Thus he will be more visible to traffic when we are walking after dark.

He does not seem to notice the light even though we have it set to flash as that uses less battery and is also more of an attention getter. It does take a lot more organizing to go out for the evening walk now. Getting the harness and the light on the dog is the first challenge. Then, since it is quite a lot cooler as well as dark, I have to kit up with hat, gloves and coat, then stuff the pockets with the baggie, keys, phone and remember to grab the flashlight as I set out.

Oh yes, times have changed.


  1. That's an interesting basket you have under the black and orange print fabric. Most dog-cat intelligence competitions are won by dogs - well, cats will tell you that's because they don't care about making you happy, or even enough about finding food at the end of the maze or whatever. But one tester put food under covered tables with lamps on top: the one with the lit lamp had the treat. Cats catch on very quickly while dogs fail completely. Go figure. The lamp is pretty cute though. Maybe it's just as well Rolo can pay no attention to it, he might have to seek out his reflection in every window or dark car on the route.

  2. And my human-being test word for the above comments was "inkessar" which, given the topic of regal black animals, seems appropriate.


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