Monday, May 28, 2018

A Memorial Day Salute

 Yesterday we took an impromptu trip into Washington DC to take in some of the atmosphere following the annual Rolling Thunder parade. I was hoping to get some images of all those motor cycles lined up but I guess we never did find where they had parked them. But we certainly did get a good flavor of the day as we wandered around and did our own self guided tour of the memorials  from the most recent 100 or so years of war. 
 There was a display of the Poppy Memorial which featured some very poignant verses and commentary and I am going to feature some of them beginning with this from WWI above. The exhibit commemorates the 645,000 Americans killed in conflict since the beginning of WWI and was created by the USAA.

 The WWII Memorial.
 Speaks for itself.
 The Korean War Memorial.
 The Vietnam War Memorial aka The Wall continues to draw huge crowds. Many visitors have a specific person's entry that they are searching for and then taking a quiet moment, among the crowd, to pause and remember their loved one. In the rear of the crowd the man up the ladder is taking a rubbing of his special person's name.
 While we did not see the motor cycles we did see who might have been riding them. This is a good day for people watching. And remembering those for whom there has not yet been an official closure.
 A time for personal reflections.
 At the apex of The Wall.
 Veterans left their personal memorials in various places.
 At last, some of the Rolling Thunder bikes leaving the scene at the close of the day.
 This marine stationed himself by The Wall to give commentary and answer questions.
 Remembering all facets of the Vietnam War.
 This morning I created my own small floral salute to the day.
Maybe you would like to leave a tribute.

Never forget those who gave their all so that we could have freedom.

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