Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Firsts of Spring

March 20 (yesterday) is the spring equinox. It is traditional that people watch out for the first signs of spring. So here are a few...
 The first robin of spring 2018.
 The first daffodils of spring. And in the background the netting to keep the deer away from the first azalea buds of spring.
 The plum tree in spring.
 The Lenten Rose has finally had it's first blooms open. Can you see them?
 The first shoveling of spring.
 The first glimpse of color in my blue garden.
 The first mint of spring...growing in the crack between the concrete garage floor and the driveway asphalt.
 The river birch bark in spring.
 The Green Man laughing at the spring thoughts. Just two days ago I saw two bluebirds investigating the bluebird house. I think they rejected it.
Two days ago I went outside to see if I could find the first daffodil bloom of spring (not seeing it are you?). Instead I found this squirrel who was after a good meal of discarded seed from the birdfeeder.
"Maybe if I hide under here she won't see me!"

So I'm sure you get the picture of spring so far. And now I better go before we have the first power outage of spring.  I need my first quilt project completion of spring and I can only do that if the electricity stays on.

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  1. First shoveling of spring - that's a hoot! Have I told you that Moki has a squirrel-friend? The little critter hid many a treat in the ground under the deck just outside Moki's favorite watching spot and now comes right up to the glass and they look at each other. I guess there's no danger to the squirrel, and Moki has become quite relaxed about her friend's visits.


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