Sunday, December 31, 2017

Solstice and more

There were good intentions to put up a post to acknowledge the solstice on December 21 but, alas, they remained intentions. However here we are. Can you guess I am quite taken by this constant visitor to the backyard? It is fascinating to watch this hawk as it moves from spot to spot in the yard doubtless seeking food. Despite the amazing head movements by the bird I have yet to see it actually find a meal but it does get an A+ for perseverance.
 The snow on December 9 was just enough to make it fun to photograph and not enough to have to deal with shoveling.
 Trees without their leaves can look quite splendid in a light snowfall at this time of the year.
 By December 16 the snow was well gone and it was time for the delayed final cleanup and cutback of the garden for the winter. Someone forgot to tell the iris it is not time to be sprouting just yet.
 The nandina is wearing it's best look although the berries are not prolific this year.
 The lights for the porch tree were finally located and installed.
 When the hawk sits on the branch above the suet feeder even the woodpeckers beat a hasty retreat.
 It has been quite some time since I did some indoor photo setups. The aim here was to show that I was keeping the light of hope on for someone who was at a particularly low point in his cancer battle.
 Thinking the photo might not be enough we decided to take a trip into DC and visit the Basilica there to light a candle and say a prayer for John to get through his current crisis. December 22 was such a pretty day to visit and we could still walk outside without having to don all the heavy coats, hats and gloves that are now needed.
December 24th and it was time for tea and cookies for me, never mind Santa!
 We made a short trip to Latrobe PA to visit family and saw the most amazing sunset on December 27. Do notice that bright outline to the clouds just above the horizon. But oh my, was it cold.
To close I am leaving you with this candle of hope for peace and happiness in 2018.

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