Friday, August 25, 2017

Up North Michigan Road Trip

In early August we went on a road trip to stay with family at their summer cottage in the idyllic Bay View community in Petoskey on the shores of Lake Michigan. The road trip there was not all that exciting (mile after mile of high speed driving on the PA and OH Turnpikes and then even more white knuckle driving on the 75 mph route 75 through central Michigan) but, ah, what a sweet destination. The image above is a pleasant gazebo stop off as a pedestrian heads down to the lakeshore.
 The Bay View community, named a National Historic Landmark in 1987, was established in 1875 as a religious campsite for the Detroit Conference and the Michigan Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Today it is a summer community comprising 337 acres, 447 privately owned cottages (including 400 built prior to 1900), two inns, one bed and breakfast inn and 31 additional buildings belonging to the Bay View Association. Most of the cottages are Victorian in style and this is what caused the community to first be recognized in 1957 by placement on the Michigan List of Historic Places. The sweet blue cottage pictured above became an early favorite of mine.
 Complementing the pretty cottages are some picture perfect flower gardens. This was just a small portion of a newly planted rain garden.
 This is one of the newest cottages. It is located right next to Sunset Park where the bicycles just seem prone to gather in happy chaos each and every day.
 Down on the lakeshore are the recreation club facilities. On this day there was a stiff breeze blowing and that seagull on the roof was clinging on and leaning into the wind to maintain it's spot overlooking the hive of activity on the shoreline.
 There is a wide roster of activities available and the youth are well taken care of. In the afternoon there are sailing lessons in one of the Bay View starfish fleet to teach how to sail in all conditions.
This cottage is one of the most photographed in the community. Well located alongside busy route 31 it directly overlooks the lake.
 Same cottage, side view. Check out that detail on the roofline!
 Another view of the rain garden.
 Such a well sited cottage, set back from the road and up on a knoll. Many of the cottages display flags out front and porches are a common feature.
 Why yes, I was captivated by the vision of the children's bikes just dropped off at the park before their riders headed down to the shore activity zone.
 Speaking of the shore, the safe way to get there is to use the pedestrian overpass which takes you from Sunset Park over busy route 31 and deposits you near the gazebo.
 Quick, capture the moment! He did indeed stop which gave me time to set up my shot.
 Can you guess where this was taken from? Why yes, you are correct... Sunset Park.
After the sunset it was a leisurely stroll back up the hill to the family cottage. My sister-in-law pointed out how stringing porch lights has become quite popular.

Come back in a few days for the next installment.


  1. I was expecting to see a few water views, but not so many Victorian houses. What a treat! Your text truly enhances the experience of the photos. (as always.)

  2. I like the gazebo and the house set back up on the knoll with the flag out. a beautiful summer spot to visit by the looks of it.


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