Wednesday, May 3, 2017

From My Spring Garden

 The Easter bunny made an advance visit around the same time as the bluebells on April 12. My garden must be in a cold spot as I notice my blooms are several days behind others in the area.
 The blue muscari looked good this year and they are echoed in color by the backup of the bluebells.
 Continuing the blue theme I wondered why this chickadee was clinging to the front of the bird house. It never did tell me why but it hung there for several minutes.
 By April 17 the dogwoods were looking pretty and there was a smattering of blue blooms from the vinca groundcover below.
 Like the cherry trees, the dogwood blossoms seem to change color somewhat as they age.
 The early morning sun cutting through the backyard does make for pretty views. The strong wind we have had for much of the month makes it hard to get good clear photos. Oh well.
 Lilac season in my back garden began on the 27th. Last season we pruned the lilac out front but I guess we did it too late because it had no blooms at all this season.
 Following close on the heels of the lilac blooms was the purple clematis out front.
 It has a glorious display this year.
 This one is a different sort of periwinkle (vinca) than the groundcover under the dogwoods.
 The humble volunteer daisies are allowed in my garden.
Rounding out the month was another clematis.

And there you have it - a brief look at my April garden.

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  1. Pretty springtime photos - the clematis in glass framed by the lilac cuttings caught my eye.


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