Monday, January 2, 2017

Preserving the Spirit of Christmas on January 2

 On the Eighth Day of Christmas it is New Years Day. From the kitchen we had a very tasty pork roast with apple sauce, risotto and a warm kale salad with sweet potato garnished with pomegranate seeds.
However, this post is intended to be all about what we drink at this festive time of the year. With that in mind you might notice that we had a pleasant pinot noir with dinner.
 Hot cider warms both body and soul and is good for dunking cinnamon pretzels in too.
 Mulled wine was tried at home...alas, no appropriate drinking cups for it
 And again when we were invited out to spend the evening with friends. Note to self, watch out for punch sets at barn sales and second hand stores.
 Around December 25th it was good to sit down for a quiet cup of afternoon tea and the chance to reread some Christmas cards.
 Hot chocolate with all the trimmings - just what you need when the weather turns cold.
And for a cold drink well, you can't beat the Real Thing, available for a short time only in this seasonal can.

The Spirit of Christmas continues.

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  1. Hmm the assortment of drinks is appropriate.. pinot noir, hot cider and then mulled wine. all very tasty indeed. As was the pork dinner by the looks of it.


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