Friday, September 30, 2016

Driving Miss Ava

A couple of weeks back I had reason to go to Hidden Springs Farm on an errand. My camera came along for the ride and was heard to whisper "why do we always go out at the peak of bright sun? That is not a good recipe for fine images." Well camera, ya gotta do what ya gotta do when the opportunity is there.
There are great surprises at each turn when you walk the farm.
Is this the Hidden Spring? Perhaps not because it is not exactly hidden but it was rather picturesque.
We spent a few moments with the animals.
We ambled up the hill towards the mobile chicken house.
We admired the simple rustic appeal of this old bird house
and the cleverness of the crafter who made this miniature version of the farm house.
The pool let us stop to reflect.
Can you tell an artist lives here?
There's lots to see and explore if you slow down and keep your eyes open.
Thank you to Laura of 
we had a great amble round and enjoyed our visit.

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  1. Your NVA garden spots are so peaceful and pretty. And then there's a great looking goat, to boot!


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