Friday, August 19, 2016

World Photo Day

It seems, from a few things I've been reading today, that this day is World Photo Day. In honor of that I thought I could create a post - and I'm choosing to go totally random and feature a bakers dozen of photographs I have taken in the past year or so that did not quite fit a previous topic. Not too much detail about the who, when, where...just a celebration of my camera and I out and about.
How about beginning with a tasty home-made strawberry rhubarb pie?
 If you guessed Fall you'd be wrong. This is a spring shot on location in Maryland.
 And a sunset from the same location.
 Milk and cookie(s).
 Waiting for the bride...
 Tammy's Flowers in Hamilton, Missouri - the town that The Missouri Star Quilt Company brought back to life.
 Kiwis - it's how to eat 'em.
 Storm's a coming thru...
 Fall 2015 I had a lot of fun photographing these small pumpkins...and then they got cast aside in an old plant tray in the garage. In May this year, before I took them out to the compost bin, I couldn't resist one last chance at giving them some glory.
An arrangement.
 Fall on the deck.

Winter up the hill.

Spring on the Farm.
Finishing out with the beginnings of the pie...the rhubarb was not picture perfect and the photo does not do justice to how luscious the strawberries were, but this is, after all, a homegrown blog.

This was a fun way to acknowledge World Photo Day that I hope you enjoyed as much as I did. To begin with I thought I'd show you photos from various parts of the world but then, y'know, I got stuck trying to chose what to include and this is what I ended up with. All from right here in the USA.

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  1. Right here in the USA.... with a tribute to Kiwi-land just about in the middle of it. Glad you celebrated World Photo Day!


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