Monday, December 9, 2013

An Icy Wonderland

Following on from the posting of yesterday where I focused on preparing the garden for hibernation I thought I would show you a few scenes in my garden this morning.

I had been awakened soon after 3am by the noise of the snowplow trucks outside on the street. Since the forecast was for freezing rain overnight and not snow I knew this meant they were treating the roads for ice. And that this morning there would be some pretty vignettes.

One I won't be sharing is the magical sight of a cherry tree out front; when I peeked out at 4am it was glistening with ice and softly lit up by a nearby garden lamp post. But no, not a good time for me to be outside with the camera.

 All the trees and bushes are encased in ice.
Some of the seedheads, like this coneflower, were left for winter interest and for browsing birds.
 Proving there is still color even if a casual glance seems like a drab winter scene. There are not very many berries on the hollies but interesting looking long icicles on the leaf tips.
Earlier in the year when I included a photo of this birdhouse I was listing it as a "desirable residence" looking for new tenants. It does not look all that desirable today but if it was windy it would provide shelter for a small bird.
 The pansy plants were late in being planted out and so really have not provided any Fall color. And it is hard to imagine, given this view, that there will be any spring color from them either. Let's wait and see what nature will follow though with.
Nope, this looks entirely too chilly to sit at today even if I am carrying a steaming mug of tea.
 This little fellow seems resigned to his place in life in cold surrounds.
 The crepe myrtle at the end of the deck provides me endless options to photograph throughout all four seasons.
The wind must have been blowing a little in the night as it has created this intriguing circular branch growth - or are the two branches holding hands to get through the icy conditions?
A final look at the crepe myrtle.

For a better look at my photos click on them to make them larger. On my computer a left click does the trick.

Thankfully we still have power here and I have no urgent need to be out and about on the roads. A good day to stay inside and perhaps write some Christmas cards.

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  1. Looks like a magic garden! Especially nice if you don't have to use those roads they were treating before dawn. Were they clear for those people who had places to go?


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