Thursday, September 12, 2013

On My Morning Walk

Yesterday when I went for my walk I noticed that the sun rising was creating a quite dramatic moment so this morning  I put my camera in my pocket as I left the house.
Yesterday morning there as a little more mist in the air but this still looked interesting to me. I liked the contrast of the crane and wires against the early morning sky and the way the orange road sign echoed the colors of the sun.
On the side street I thought I had again captured that brilliant ball of sun but I see it was a little hidden. But here I liked the contrast of the groundcover greenery with the spider webs showing up along the top of the bank and that gap in the trees with the burst of light and the intrusion of the crane.
 Here is another seasonal flag - that tree (for shame, I can't name it right now) is covered in brilliant fall colored berries and the grass in the foreground is saying "enough already, I can't take this heat!"

As I got closer to home I suddenly noticed I was being watched. Yes, the deer family is still around.

I was having a morning walk but I made them have a morning run!
 Ordinarily I don't get this many wildlife sightings but this morning I did luck out. Turkey vultures perched along the roof ridge of this home. What were they waiting for I wonder? They were likely not there to admire the contrast of the shrubs in the front left.

 This view of the snake is not from this morning but from Saturday afternoon. I checked this morning and that creature is still there in the window well. Let me tell you, I hate snakes; they just creep me out.  This one has been here for a few days now and really, I would rather it packed it's bags and left. 
The last zone of the sprinklers was finishing its morning walk too. The weather forecast is for another hot and humid day with temperatures expected to be in the high 90's F. They say by tomorrow a cool front will come through. I do hope so and I can hear the garden agreeing with me.


  1. I admire your crane-in-nature photography, and the deer I know are annoying are very picturesque. The snake might be photogenic as well, but like you, snakes just creep me out. I would go out and pound on the ground with something heavy, stomp my feet, and speak in a loud voice telling the snake to "go away". They always do.

  2. I love the varied visions on your early morning walk! I will not bore you with the snakes where I live....luckily I have only seen them at the Australian Wildlife Sanctuaries. Have you considered sticking a rake (or long handled implement) into the window well making the snakes escape a little easier?


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