Monday, July 4, 2011

A July Fourth Salute

Today is the day for the red, white and blue and flying the flag. And, if you live in the right sort of town, you can go to watch the street parade.

The parade route was changed somewhat this year and I think there were more people there to watch. Certainly there were a lot of balloons although we noticed a goodly number headed up into the clouds before very long.

These girls had spent time grooming their horses ready for the parade and were setting off to join in.

First up in the parade were the various politicians - both the current ones and the hopeful ones. But then came the fire engines, a perennial favorite.

We all hope there is not a 911 call during the parade.

Animals always feature in the parade.

The owners put thought into how to make their pet "parade worthy".

We were watching fairly close to the beginning of the route and we wondered how long this boy would last on his stilts.

There was a chance to bring your old vehicles out and show them off.

Check out the license plate on this one. (A left click on the photo will enlarge it if need be.)

There was an earlier parade for the "Little Patriots" to walk in but I guess they decided to go round one more time.

It may seem as though the parade is only for families with young children but here we see teenagers who were willing to get out there and parade also.

These three were spotted watching the parade.

After the parade passed by the action began on the village green with a live band in the gazebo.

The day will end with the fireworks show so long as the weather remains co-operative.

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  1. I see Rolo made it to the parade, even if you didn't let him lead the Fire Engines down the lane. A lot more horses in Great Falls than in Beech - well, a lot more of everything I expect!


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