Wednesday, February 18, 2009

time out

So it's been a few days since my last posting. We had the brick guys on site for most of last week. By the end of the week they were almost complete with the elevator shaft as you can see above. Additionally the carpenter was busy working on the trim to the roof line. We thought the roofer was going to be on site on Friday to work on the roofing shingles and the rain gutters but that didn't happen.

On Monday, the brickies came down off the scaffolding and began work on the garden wall. Look how well they created a curve with little rigid rectangles of clay. That pile of clay behind the wall will be leaving the site soon I hope. The area behind will be regraded somewhat to allow for rain water to get away better than it has in the past.
And now here we are inside today. This will be my new fabric closet on the third floor. (I stood in there and did a little glee dance after Pat had left for the day.)To the right you can just see the elevator shaft. Break through on this floor happened on Monday after a frantic weekend clearance of the old sewing room.

Tomorrow Pat (the carpenter) will break through the wall in the family room to be able to frame for the elevator doorway on that floor along with the new cabinetry for the "entertainment center". That will mean that all three floors are now "under construction" from the inside.

Casey and I spent the morning emptying out the existing cabinets, disconnecting the television and vcr and taking down the draperies.

It's all go on all fronts.


  1. That closet looks to have some real space - near as one can tell from a photo. Will it hold all of your green fabric? If I'm wrong, I will say it would help to include Casey or Rolo in the "closet" for perspective. Meanwhile, the exterior work is looking ship-shape, in spite of winter weather.

  2. well, I turn my back for a few minutes to fight a few fires and you are putting up roof flags!! Well done!
    I think the scale of that fabric closet must be wrong. I am not sure that would hold a certain persons' green collection...maybe just the lime greens....

  3. Did I tell you about my collection of green polka dots??!

    I hope you got all those fires tamped down securely. That has been a very scary time


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